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Absolutely Useless Pictures

Just what the title says.
All pictures will open in a seperate window.

Flower Power Day
Hat Day
Everyone Loves Geordi's Visor
I Think Something's Wrong With Chakotay
The Sailormoon Fetish
Don't Take Pictures When the Ship's Under Fire
Googly Eyes
The Amazing Plastic Geordi
The Taco Bell Dog Anomaly
The Sailormoon Anomaly
Ring In the New Millenium

I noticed someone on a certain light blue-colored message board asked where all of my old Trek anime pictures were. And a certain sentient Australian marsupial also kind of told me that I should post my pictures somewhere where they can always be readily available to the Internet public. So, I'm going to post the pics here :D. Although I'm not as proud of them now as I used to be, I think.

Harry from "Memorial"
What B'Elanna Got for Christmas
This is a Wombat's Favorite Picture
Janeway Without Coffee
A True Blue Friend
Got Coffee?
The Top of Doc's Head is a Shiny Place
Janeway Vs. The Borg Queen
The Tuvok Plushie
When Diplomacy Fails
Hold Me
The Chakotay Plushie
The Official Guide to Janeway's Hair
How Starfleet Uniforms Should Look
Janeway, Sitting
A Vulcan Apple
In The Way
Harry's Timeless Ice Water
The Plushies Meet Tom Paris
Tiny B'Elanna
Exploding Consoles
The Kazon Disco
Borgified Plushies
Tuvoko Abstracto Demento
Sometimes First Contact is Last Contact
White Togas
Colored Togas
What Goes on During the Gamma Shift?
Plushies Do Not Play Well With Others
Campfire in Astrometrics

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