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Absolutely Useless Voyager Quotes

Some people put witty quotes and various one-liners on their pages.

Not me, I'm afraid. Marvel at the uselessness of
these selected quotes from various Voyager episodes.


"This is Tuvok" --Tuvok

"EEEeeeeEEEeeeeEEE!" --Resolutions Monkey

"I can help!" --Chakotay

"Excuse me?" --Harry Kim

"She's cute!" --Tom Paris

"Has it ever occurred to you that a tachyon beam directed at a Class B itinerant pulsar could produce enough gravimetric energy to create an artificial singularity?" --Reg Barclay

"Take Ensign Paris to the brig" --Captain Janeway (*snicker*)

"Irrelevant" --Seven of Nine

"I can see the esscence of the fire" --Kes

"I harvested them on an away mission last week" --Neelix

"I don't know...but a few minutes ago it was crawling around the floor" --Harry Kim

"Whatever" --Tom Paris

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